Vice President/ Squad Member, UMA Offering

Boston, MA
August 31 2018

The Expertise We're Looking For

  • A proven track record of delivering amazing client experiences

  • Strong business knowledge associated with Wealth Management

  • Experience working with and understanding the needs of customers or clients (internal or external)

  • Demonstrated ability to work in a client centric, fast paced, collaborative environment

  • Experience in the financial services business is highly desireable

  • Commitment to PI's better way of working through greater collaboration

Knowledge and experience working across functions (technology, marketing, distribution, product)

The Purpose of Your Role

Client Solutions is looking for a thought leader to join our dynamic team to drive the strategy and execution for our Unified Managed Account capabilities.  In this role you will continue to transform our business and deliver amazing customers experiences. As an investment product subject matter expert, and highly productive member of an Agile team, your focus will be on advancing the work of squad - using already deep knowledge of Wealth Management clients and Fidelity (gained through multiple years working in the industry), along with well-developed skills and experience in delivering customer value in a fast paced Agile environment.

The Skills You Bring

  • Deep knowledge of investment products (especially managed accounts and other advisory offerings), of financial planning, and of advisory sales/relationship management practices, as well as the ability to apply this knowledge to develop and enhance product and service experiences for higher net worth investors. 

  • Ability to define target markets, distinguish key differences between segments based on customer knowledge and research, and align solutions to segments based on needs, to support the prioritization of squad work

  • Serve as a visible and experienced leader and highly productive member of a squad, helping execute the Squad Leader's vision for the work

  • (Ideally) Experience in leading the development of new financial services products and/or the management of in-line products with significant sales goals and or efficiency targets. 

  • (Ideally). Experience in working as a financial advisor and ability to understand and empathize with both the associate / advisor experience as well as the high net worth client experience.

  • (Ideally) Experience as a leader in Agile environments

The Value You Deliver


  • Delivering customer value and business results through product sales and low redemption rates

  • Favorable Net Promoter Scores for managed account customers

  • Increasing Fidelity's market share in managed accounts

  • Increasing vitality by launching new innovative managed account offerings, features, and capabilities



Serve as deep expert for the squad in specific and mission-critical subject areas

  • Product Management for Investment and advisory offerings

  • Financial planning / wealth management

  • Advisor/associate experience and role of the advisor

  • Financial services industry/competitive trends/regulatory landscape

  • Business platforms, processes and product development methologies

Identify Client Needs and Wants

  • Help drive priorities for the squad work (in partnership with Squad Leader) to deliver customer value based on a deep understanding of business subject matter areas and client needs

  • Identify and then drive key customer research and analysis to prioritize squad work

  • Develop client and service associate journey maps and design prototypes

  • Identify areas to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace, and identify strategic work for the squad to address Fidelity's areas of competitive weakness, or enhance Fidelity's existing strengths in the marketplace

Develop Client Solutions

  • Identify and lead key areas of squad work (as determined by Squad Leader), especially related to areas of significant individual subject matter expertise

  • Provide a knowledgeable and experienced voice in the prioritization of squad work based on client and business value

  • Lead the team in solution brainstorming (in partnership with Squad Leader), and help create an environment of continual innovation on the squad

  • Identify required financial analysis and then conduct it to determine total cost of ownership for various client solutions

  • Have a broad understanding of Fidelity's and competitors' digital end to end client experiences, including how to develop them, and the value they bring to clients

  • Document customer needs (i.e. write Agile stories)

  • Use knowledge of Fidelity products and delivery channels to develop new and effective solutions

Implement and Measure Client Solutions

  • Lead readiness and roll out activities for clients and Fidelity associates

  • Perform business testing focused on the overall client and service associate experience

  • Develop Key squad level metrics to measure the effectiveness of the solution hypotheses

  • Implement, measure, and utilize metrics to aid in identifying improvement opportunities

How Your Work Impacts the Organization

Fidelity's Wealth Management Domain delivers the power and breadth of Fidelity's expertise to serve our clients' wide-ranging and diverse needs. Our focus is Fidelity's advice model, and ensuring we can grow and deliver to meet and exceed our clients' needs. We bring together digital and human aspects of planning and advice for our clients, and for Fidelity's Advisors.  Fidelity's Client Solutions Chapter, your HR reporting alignment, ensures all Chapter members have the skills and knowledge mastery they desire, changing the way we work, so each associated is empowered to drive our future forward.

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