User Experience Chapter Leader - Boston, MA

Boston, MA
May 10 2018

We're looking for senior designer leaders who are motivated to create compassionate, inclusive, usable, and elegant experiences that help people achieve their financial goals and feel confident about their future.


The Expertise We're Looking For

  • 8 years User Experience Design leadership experience within financial services ideal.

  • A strong history of emphasis on multiplying behavior and servant leadership. Ego-driven creatives won't feel welcome here.

  • A Bachelor's or Graduate degree is preferred, but we believe great designers can come from many different disciplines and backgrounds.

  • A demonstrated ability to design and build impactful and class-leading digital experiences is required. We are particularly interested in people with native mobile or responsive design experience.

  • A digital portfolio we can review is required.

The Purpose of Your Role

This role is part of the User Experience Design Chapter, which supports our retail, workplace, institutional, and global business units. The Chapter Leader design role is part of a player-coach model, wherein the Chapter Leader is embedded on an agile squad in our retail business (e.g. or our mobile app) and leading a team of designers on adjacent squads. Chapter Leaders in this model work with their squad on a daily basis, and report to the UX Chapter Area Leader. It's a face-paced environment that allows squads more autonomy than in a command-and-control organization.

The Skills You Bring

  • You demonstrate a clear and compelling design sense grounded in empathy and thoughtfulness

  • You show an aptitude and enthusiasm for working in teams, and a willingness to help your team complete tasks outside the realm of design, if necessary

  • You lead others by clearing obstacles and encouraging their strengths, and you point out their growth opportunities with clarity and tact

  • You persuade with evidence, experience, and flair

  • You have a broad set of design skills, which might include visual and graphic design, information architecture, prototyping, front-end coding, strategic design methods (such as design thinking), user research, or writing

  • You can get a little nerdy about at least one of the design skills above

  • You understand, or are willing to learn, the principles of Lean UX and how to adapt your process, activities and artifacts to best serve the squad

  • You are familiar with the value of design systems and how to use them

  • You communicate exceptionally well, whether on the phone, over video, in writing, or in person

  • You enjoy learning, and happily teach others

  • You have a powerful impulse to improve existing designs, invent new experiences, and perform better than our competition

  • Design brings you joy, and it shows

The Value You Deliver

  • Bringing business ideas to life, through sketching, wire framing, prototyping, testing, writing, and coding

  • Helping your team deliver valuable experiences to our customers, even if it means tackling non-design tasks on occasion

  • Facilitating and inspiring idea generation techniques with your squad

  • Magnifying and multiplying the strengths of the designers you lead

How Your Work Impacts the Organization

As a member of the User Experience Design team, your work has the potential to improve the lives of over 25 million Fidelity customers. You will be part of an agile squad developing a backlog of ideas to bring value to customers and releasing frequently to learn whether we've hit the mark. By focusing on delighting our customers and helping them feel secure about their financial futures, you have a direct impact on the firm's revenue.

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