Brokerage Operations Representative

Salt Lake City, UT
March 08 2018

The Stock Plan Services Brokerage Operations role requires an ability to coordinate brokerage specific transactions based on external Plan Sponsor requests. We deliver a world class customer experience. Some of these transactions may involve interpreting instructions from the client. The Representative must be able to understand service level agreements and make decisions to maintain client expectations.

The Expertise We're Looking For

  • Bachelor degree or equivalent work experience
  • In-depth brokerage systems knowledge understanding of FBSI, FBSI Plan Administration, XTRAC, Brokerage Statement Viewer, TAS (Tax accounting System), Integrated Cashiering Platform  systems and also Microsoft Excel.
  • Knowledge of the Stock Plan Services organization and business model.
  • Series 7 permitted, additional Certified Equity Professional level 1 not required but encouraged with in first year of role.

The Purpose of Your Role

You work in a team based role where you will be responsible for daily execution of plan specific updates either based on a work flow management tool coming directly from our external Plan Sponsors, or our Internal Client Service Managers who are in charge of the overall client relationship. You have to be able to balance client needs, with Participant experience, and understand the impact updates you make will have on the end participant's equity compensation balances, which can be quite large. There will be daily deadlines due to market sensitivity of all the work we are asked to complete.

The Skills You Bring

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to be proactive and add value through creative, flexible work solutions (i.e., independence of thought) while exercising sound and professional judgment
  • Understand the importance of working with our Fidelity business partners, and clients and have a back ground in customer service both face to face and over the phone.
  • Inquisitive nature and will not be afraid to question why.
  • Experience with problem resolution and prevention.

The Value You Deliver

  • Communicating with internal business partners, Client Service Managers, Corporate Action Specialists, Customer Service Phone representatives, and external Plan Sponsors to deliver a world class customer service experience.
  • Flawless execution of daily requests coming from external Plan Sponsors that require updates to their plan Participants. Updates can involve general Indicative data updates such as location or address, or they can be as complex as adjusting an existing equity stock option grant that has an intrinsic value of well over 7 figures.
  • Understanding how to prioritize and manage your time and tasks. Since we are working in a reactive environment servicing plan sponsors on anything from updating an address to updating taxes on the exercise for the company's CEO you need to be able to understand competing priorities, and also think critically enough to know by not completing tasks in a certain order what is the impact to the end participant or potentially another group inside of Stock Plan Services.


How Your Work Impacts the Organization


Stock Plan Services may be the truest example of business unit as it crosses a Work Place Investing plan sponsor equity outsourcing relationship with a Personal Investing participant full service brokerage account. It is one of the top Big Plays at Fidelity with a very aggressive 5 year business model targeted at growth Globally including our first international call center in Germany. We combine Plan Sponsor revenue on the Workplace Investing side in the forms of contractual record keeping fees and financial reporting services, with Personal Investing revenues coming directly from the plan participant's brokerage transactions, (IE commissions, and interest from FCASH balances).

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