Development Support (DevOps) Cloud Engineer

Charlotte NC
February 22 2018
Insurance, Securities
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IT - Information Technology

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AIG Employee Services, Inc.

The Development Support team is responsible for the administration of source code control systems and the automation of build and deployment processes for all internally developed applications in AIG's Investments, Data, and Corporate Functions (IDCF) Group. IDCF is an IT business unit which delivers application solutions to AIG's Investments, Science, Finance, Actuarial, Human Resources, and other administrative corporate functions. Development Support is a team of Agile and DevOps engineers and evangelists who collaborate very closely with Application Development teams to ensure the highest possible quality and efficiency throughout the software development lifecycle including the deployment to production environments where business teams use our applications to make business decisions. We embrace modern Agile-based principles such as automated builds, automated unit/acceptance testing, Continuous Deployment, managing infrastructure as code, and Just Enough Administration because we believe our Application Development team colleagues should be able to focus on what they do best - writing software and not managing dependencies or environments.

Experience is important. For this role you'll need to have at least five years of experience as an Automation Engineer having worked in an operational environment with a focus on automated approaches and Agile software development concepts with an emphasis on targeting Cloud environments. You have hands-on experience automating enterprise application deployments across a variety of different technology stacks. You have many years of experience managing cross-platform Microsoft and Linux/Unix application services and have experience working on both Cloud computing environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure and virtualized systems (such as VMware and Citrix). You have several years of experience administering and automating development processes with tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (TFS), Git/GitHub, Subversion, JIRA, xUnit, FitNesse, Jenkins, TeamCity, Maven, Ant, MSBuild, XAML, etc. You are passionate about Cloud designs and architectures and you're extremely familiar with AWS services such as EC2, EBS, RDS, Lambda, and ECS for running applications. You are experienced and skilled in using AWS APIs from scripting languages and Desired State Configuration systems (such as Terraform and Chef).

Your release management approach innately leverages automated methods and you have experience developing in object oriented languages such as C#, Java, and C++ as well as scripting languages like PowerShell, Python, TypeScript/JavaScript, Perl, VBScript/WSH, cmd/bat, and Unix sh/ksh/bash. You are comfortable operating on a team where your work and influence benefit the operational support of Cloud and enterprise computing environments through testing and continuous deployment automation.

Here's who we're looking for:

You're the type of person who loves engineering enterprise grade production critical systems. While you understand and have an appreciation for the criticality of being responsive and doing what is necessary to keep things running smoothly, it frustrates you to operate in an inefficient or repetitive way. You have a passion for engineering and operating scalable, highly reliable, and easily recoverable application environments that improve and innovate the way business processes are executed and managed. Like any modern day architect, elegant, simple, and functional designs appeal to you. You are motivated by the philosophy of being functionally rich and technically poor and you work to create the most effective solutions with the least amount of effort. You believe in the value of Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc) and enjoy arguing its merits for the solutions you are involved in. When you focus on understanding requirements, you holistically consider things such as compliance and security in order to deliver solutions with consistency and quality. Operating in a collaborative and transparent way is important to you and you believe that it results in a better working environment. Your motivation is to do the right thing at the right time and you are driven to find the simplest designs and implementations that could possibly work. Your approach to problem solving is logical, objective, and mindful of appropriate policies and standards which govern your work. Learning and adapting are natural parts of the approach that you value in your career.

You believe in Agile methods for organizing work and DevOps approaches for collaborating. You understand the perspectives and techniques of Scrum, Extreme Programming, Lean, Continuous Delivery, and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) because you have taken the time to read books and articles on these subjects by authors of the methodologies. Nevertheless, you understand that not all methods can be applied verbatim and you always work to apply the techniques that you learn in the most appropriate and reasonable ways for the situation at hand.

You are technically astute. You have a good deal of interest in the field of Computer Science and you spend a fair amount of your personal time reading, learning, watching videos, listening to podcasts, and practicing to improve your skills. You use the tools to administer your systems like a craftsman, and you manage your systems and application environments by constantly automating provisioning, deployment, and monitoring methods; you do these things because you know they enable you to maintain a higher level of quality and it gives you the ability to deliver new application environments needed by developers and business colleagues in the shortest amount of time.

If you were working with us, here are some of the things you may have done last week:

  • Collaborated with an Investments Development team to automate the build and testing of a legacy application which is being upgraded. Helped to restructure the project in the source code repository to make use of automated build conventions. Scripted an automated deployment method for the Development team so their application changes could be migrated to higher-level environments using Continuous Deployment approaches.
  • Worked with a Treasury Development team to implement an application on AWS Lambda with data securely managed in S3 buckets.
  • Stood up build servers in AWS as part of a continuous integration environment for an Angular 4/Kendo UI/.Net Core SPA application and scripted the creation and tear down of environments for its automated testing in its continuous deployment pipeline.
  • Took ownership of a very manual and labor intensive legacy release process in order to better understand the changes that are necessary for an automated approach. Worked with the Development team to move the deployment to highly automated methods by scripting Continuous methods for managing the application and its components.
  • Partner with senior Development leads to organize an Agile transformation project for one of AIG's highest priority initiatives. Organized a GitHub and Jenkins training session for the Development team so they can start leveraging the standard build and deployment automation for their software development work.
  • Contribute to the PowerPoint deck which will be used to provide training for Development Teams on using automated pipelines to for Public Cloud deployments.
  • Work a weekend to support a critical off-hours deployment or to catch-up on an important deliverable.

    And here are some of the other things you might do:

  • Leverage the Microsoft TFS out-of-box dashboard to provide real-time and interactive reporting of prioritized release requests submitted by Development teams.
  • Perform an analysis of release requests which require manual and interactive steps. Develop a plan to automate the manual operational work and collaborate with Development teams to transition their deployment processes to automated approaches with options for running applications on Public Cloud based infrastructure.
  • Work with several Development teams to migrate their source code repositories to the Microsoft Azure Cloud-based version of TFS. Update build and deployment scripts as necessary to properly integrate on-premises and Cloud-based systems.
  • Help a Development Team leverage out-of-box features of a vendor product that are purpose built for automating deployments of low code solutions.
  • Contribute to an Amazon AWS Cloud migration project by helping Development Teams automate the configuration and testing of Lambda micro-services components, Elastic Load Balancing, and an RDS Oracle database. Exercise your automation in a disaster recovery scenario prior to the production deployment.
  • Collaborate with an Infrastructure Automation team to update Chef Cookbooks that configure Windows Servers to include standard application components needed by Finance Development teams.

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