Chapter Leader -Big Data, Visualization, Personalization, Cloud Migration

Smithfield, RI
February 02 2018

You will leverage the wealth of Fidelity's data to enable algorithms, analyses, and data products, which will in turn transform the customer experience and drive strategic business decisions.  The scope of work is cross channel (digital, phone, branch), and includes big data, personalization, business intelligence, data visualization, data governance/security, algorithm governance, cloud migration, and measurement/testing systems.

You will directly oversee a team of 10-20 chapter members embedded in squads within the “Data & Advanced Analytics Platforms” tribe.  The chapter members will work alongside members of technology chapters. 

As a chapter leader, you blend deep business expertise with a passion for coaching and developing people.  You will help the chapter members grow and develop in their area of expertise and ensure alignment on the “how” of the work they perform in squads.  You will also be committed to maintaining and developing your own expertise and knowledge to ensure you bring the latest thinking to your role, and help to empower others with that knowledge to spread it throughout PI.


The Expertise We're Looking For

  • A proven track record of people management/leadership in several of the following areas: big data, personalization, business intelligence, data visualization, data governance/security, algorithm governance, cloud migration, and measurement/testing systems

  • Advanced degree and/or certification in relevant subject area (e.g., analytics, data science, data engineering)

  • 15 years of experience in data, analytics, technology in a data driven organization

The Purpose of Your Role

As chapter leader, you play a vital role within Fidelity, and will interact with many colleagues.  In addition to your direct reports, you will partner directly with the tribe leader for Data & Advanced Analytics Platforms tribe to drive excellence and innovation within that tribe.  You will also connect regularly with your peers (fellow chapter leaders within Analytics & Research) and your manager (chapter area lead for Analytics & Research) to drive best practices, knowledge sharing, training, etc. across Fidelity.

The Skills You Bring

  • You are intellectually curious and operate on the cutting edge in areas such as cloud computing, unstructured data, rapid test & learn and data visualization. You bring demonstrable ability to drive these new capabilities.

  • You love coaching and developing people to improve their performance, knowledge and expertise.

  • You bring passion to your work to inspire and motivate your team. 

  • You are a collaborator—you are able to build and establish strong cross-functional partnerships and relationships at all levels of an organization.

  • You bring a data-driven approach to decision making, both in day -to-day management and in making strategic trade-offs.

The Value You Deliver

  • Modernizing our data environments—helping migrate key platforms to cloud and open source, generating efficiencies and new capabilities.

  • Partnering with legal, risk, compliance and tech teams to create and enforce stringent standards for data/algorithm use and security.

  • Continuously developing the chapter expertise—maintaining best-in-class expertise and resources for your chapter and the company.

  • Creating and maintaining the culture within the chapter based upon Fidelity and agile leadership behaviors.

  • Democratizing data and analytics across the Personal Investing organization-enabling every PI associate the ability to answer analytic questions via governed self-service and expanding the use of data visualization tools to share key results.

How Your Work Impacts the Organization

Fidelity must leverage the wealth of its data to enable algorithms, analyses, and data products, resulting in a transformed customer experience and better strategic business decisions.  This will drive both revenue growth and costs savings for the firm.  Your role is critical to making all this happen.

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