Free Whitepaper - Female Advisors - "What Financial Consultants Want"

January 09 2018

Meet Prakriti and learn about her career path to becoming a Financial Consultant at Fidelity.


What Financial Consultants Want  

Working as a Fidelity Financial Consultant, you get constant support to do the sophisticated financial planning you love to do. From in-depth trainings to an open architecture of products , we equip you with everything you need to flourish and blaze your own trail. Employees who thrive at Fidelity know that our efforts deliver amazing results: the pride that comes with getting the details just right, the insights that underpin the achievement of long-term goals, and the ability to respond to your clients with compassion and respect. Find out more on how you can grow with Fidelity and change the lives of clients for the better.

The majority of Americans aren’t happy with their jobs—52.3%, according to a 2014 report by the Conference Board —and a 2015 study from JD Powers suggests that job satisfaction specifically among financial consultants is declining. This matters not just for the employees, but also for their employers. Higher levels of satisfaction tend to correlate with improved productivity. It can also lead to reduced turnover, which in turn saves your company the significant time and money required to hire and train new workers.

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