Free Whitepaper: 5 Strategies for Improving Business Valuations

June 23 2017


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The current seller’s market for practice acquisitions will not last forever. It’s prudent to take steps now to fine tune and sharpen your book of business to help maximize its value and potentially improve your business valuation.

LPL Financial’s Strategic Business Solutions Team suggests five ways you can make this happen. By reaching out to a younger demographic, diversifying assets and revenue, adding more sources of recurring revenue, advising clients on when to invest more of their net worth and incorporating new technology into your practice, you can help bolster its market value.

Learn how practicable enhancements can increase the attractiveness of your business to a buyer. Download our white paper, 5 Strategies for Improving Business Valuations, today.

"By making small, manageable changes to your book or the way you do business, you can help improve its market value when it’s time to sell.”

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