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May 15 2017

Adviser Benefits

At cfd Investments we are always looking for new services to assist our financial advisers, provide incentives and perks that show our advisers how much we appreciate them. One of the biggest perks is our Presidential Advisers Trip, where many Advisers and Home Office employees have the opportunity to spend some time together in a beautiful place with wonderful fellowship. In past years, our Presidential Advisers Trip has been held at such exotic locations as Aruba, Bahamas, Cancun, Jamaica, Cabo San Lucas, Barbados, and Grand Cayman.

Below is a quick breakdown of our growing list of adviser services and benefits. cfd Investments looks forward to the continued expansion of this list in years to come.


  • High commission payout, paid weekly – plus Production Incentive Bonus
  • Presidential Advisers Trip
  • No Annual Fees for renewals, including your primary state, if your Annual Gross Dealer Concession is greater than $500,000
  • The Maximum Annual Fee for cfd Investments, Inc. is $700. (for any Adviser doing less than $50,000)
  • Full Brokerage Services in stocks, bonds, ETFs, Options, and CDs through National Financial Services, a Fidelity Company, and RBC Correspondent Services
  • A diversified product line including a wide array of mutual funds, limited partnerships, variable products, fixed products, and managed account strategies
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance - Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
  • Access to Investment Management Services and Financial Planning Services
  • Staff trained to assist you with proposal presentations, technical support, and practice management assistance is always available for use
  • Financial Advisers Legal
  • Employee Benefits for Independent Contractors
    • Deductible Reduction Insurance Program – NAPLIA
    • Flexible Spending Account
    • Health Savings Account
    • Banking Services
    • Qualified Retirement Deposits
  • Money Management Incentive Program AND Insurance Services Incentive Program
  • Semi-Annual Registered Conferences

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