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The firm’s investment philosophy is based upon historical performance studies, a construct that places our firm on the same side of the desk with the client and total independence from the money managers we hire to meet client needs and objectives. Our allegiance is entirely to our clients.

Founder Bob Kneisley has over 40 years experience in the financial services industry and has developed a corporate culture with a goal of exceeding client expectations.  Our firm’s secondary goal is to build trust and confidence on the part of our clients to achieve a long-term relationship in support of the clients’ goals. And yes, WE DO MAKE HOUSE CALLS! PLEASE CALL:  1-800-547-7888

Our Corporate Goal  

Our goal is to go well beyond the elaborate web of “Wall Street Noise” and guide valued clients to investment strategies that are the most cost- effective given their selected level of investment risk.  We strive to achieve the simplest solutions to meet our client’s wealth building quest.  We do not accept “marketing fees” from suppliers. Simpler is also less costly.    Please call us toll-free for details at 1-800-547-7888.

What makes us different?  In addition to the fact that we enjoy making “House Calls” within our region, our independence allows us to continually search for better money managers and improved investment strategies nationwide. Also important; after careful evaluation, when appropriate, clients are invited to upgrade managers or styles.

Our Process

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we begin by analyzing the client’s needs, defining objectives and learning about the client’s goals and ambitions. Indicator Advisory Corporation does not believe in “off the shelf” plans and does not accept “marketing fees” from product providers. We create and administer a tailored approach for each client based on his or her current position and future goals – not on costly, preconceived proprietary products or programs. Our “fee for service” approach places our interests in line with our clients.

Invest in Your Beliefs

We are convinced that investors are most comfortable with their portfolio if they have immersed themselves in the design. Our consultations include an investment of time in the prospect's belief system. We make every effort to weight client portfolios in sectors the client is comfortable with. 

Our Mission

Our mission embodies our total commitment to the service of our clients. Our value added lies in extending our client’s knowledge through our total independence of “Wall Street” philosophies as Registered Investment  Advisors to the client. Add to that our continuous due diligence, diversity through our management styles, third party custodians, provider associations and client trust as a result of our consistency of purpose.

Toward this end, we conduct our business with integrity, strive to provide the highest quality service and shall continue our dedication to defensive wealth building concepts to benefit those we are privileged to serve.

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
-Warren Buffet

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