America’s Retirement Store

About America’s Retirement Store

Financial planners focused on retirement planning:

Presidential Brokerage, a full service brokerage firm founded in 1991, created America’s Retirement Store to meet the needs of mainstream Americans who are looking for a personalized retirement strategy that helps provide security and peace of mind.

America’s Retirement Store offers individuals and families the tools and guidance to build and monitor a meaningful retirement plan.

We address today’s new retirement challenges in a refreshing, personal way and offer free, no obligation workshops that help demystify and clarify complex financial issues.

America’s Retirement Store – the story behind the name:

The “store” concept was created to bring financial planning services to Main Street in a comfortable, non-pretentious environment. We are located in convenient neighborhood shopping areas where you can park easily and walk in without an appointment. Our financial advisors are approachable and welcoming, and are available to offer advice when, and as often as you need it.


“To make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families, by providing insightful, personalized financial guidance. Helping you retire…better!”

Core Values:

To earn the trust of every client we serve
To adhere to the highest ethical standards
To recruit only talented, caring and qualified people as part of our team
To provide continuing education to our clients and to our team
To know and keep current with the latest technology
To live by the golden rule

Meet the people of America's Retirement Store and Presidential Brokerage. Helping you retire...better!

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