Clark Brothers Investments

About Clark Brothers Investments

We're different.

If Wall Street can't manage their own money, what makes you think they can manage your money?

At Clark Brothers Investments, we're different. We judge ourselves by how much money we make for our clients, not by how much money we make for ourselves.

Clark Brothers is a truly independent investment advisory firm.

We don't sell any financial products for a commission, we don't have any proprietary (in-house) products, and we don't have any third-party arrangements to sell someone else's funds or research. In addition, at Clark Brothers Investments, we never take possession of your funds.

What we do have is a firm that specializes in financial planning and money management for the individual investor. This focus allows us to build a business on the pillars of trust, performance and service. We always act in the best interest of our clients.

Why should you consider using a Registered Investment Advisor?

  • Experience - You either have it or you don't.
  • Decision Making - Does your advisor have a proven track record?
  • Unemotional - Do you have the DNA to be a great investor...or could you use some help?
  • Apolitical - If politics is like religion, then leave them both out of investing.
  • Increase your net investment returns after fees, expenses, taxes, risk, opportunity costs, and trading costs.

Our investment philosophy, services and fees are structured to support You - the individual investor. Please explore our web site to discover exactly what makes Clark Brothers different.

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