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About CFD Investments

Our Philosophy

The “cfd” Companies are committed to helping Registered Representatives, Life Insurance Agents, and Investment Adviser Representatives become trusted advisers who are committed to the Financial Planning process in such a way that they can serve their clients in a professional manner without being either “captive” to an Insurance Company and its Broker/Dealer or an isolated individual trying to be totally independent.

Our Belief is that Clients Planning Needs are best served by an Independent Investment Adviser they can trust and with whom they can develop friendships.

We Believe

  • Everyone needs a financial plan.
  • Good sales people should be sitting in front of people - not a computer developing financial plans.
  • There should be a marketing system to reach your desired market systematized to the point that appointments are automatic.
  • The initial consultation and data gathering meeting should be highly structured to motivate prospective clients to proceed with the planning process.
  • A well organized planning department should be available to develop customized comprehensive financial plans for the adviser’s clients.
  • Technical support must be available to meet the needs of your clients.
  • A monitoring system should be utilized to keep you abreast of the impact that market trends, tax changes, and product performance have on the goals of your clients and your ability to serve them.
  • Advisers should not be dependent nor independent, but interdependent with an organization committed to serving them and their clients.

"Questions Answered" features Various INDEPENDENT cfd Advisers candidly speaking about the highly lauded cfd Services and their individual relationships with the UNIQUE Broker--Dealer.

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