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At Security Financial Management, there’s a key to our success

We take great care to ensure that everyone within the company is on the same team.  This simple rule we apply to all our different offices.  It guides our culture, helps build trust and serves to make our company more attractive to potential financial advisors.  And it’s working, evidenced by our firm’s ongoing success and stellar reputation in the industry.  In fact, Security Financial Management was recently recognized as one of the Top 5 Financial Planning Firms in Central Florida by the Orlando Business Journal.

Come visit and experience with your own eyes, ears and heart the extraordinary benefits enjoyed by those Financial Advisors who have made the decision to be a part of the Security Financial Management Family!

Plug into our Culture, Proven Processes & Programs

  • Culture of Collaborative Team Dynamics and High-Level Idea Sharing
  • A powerful local presence with the strength of a national broker dealer
  • Case Sharing and the tying in of advisors into certain portions of our Senior Advisors’ Books   
  • Technology & processes on the Cutting Edge of the Financial Industry 
  • “Feed Forward” Referral Program: SFM teaches our advisors the effective application of unobtrusive and proven techniques of client engagement.  Our methods were developed through decades of experience and effective, client-centric advising.  In short, the process involves educating our existing clients on the numerous aspects and disciplines our Financial Advisors engage in each and every day, as we strive in pursuit of their best interests. We encourage our clients to identify which of their family members and friends would benefit from working with their Financial Advisor.  SFM shows them ways of “comfortably” introducing their advisor.  To further support the effectiveness of the program, SFM arranges a variety of venues including: Client & Guest Events; Seminars; Webinars; Workshops & Many More fun and engaging activities!
  • Social Media Marketing Programs, including education and training sessions.
  • Best Practices Programs for financial planning and Best of Class customer service models.
  • Contingency Planning uniquely tailored for the specific needs of a Financial advisor and his or her family, in the event that the unexpected happens.  No one knows what the future holds, but we can certainly develop and put plans in place to ensure an advisor and his or her loved ones receive fair and full value for the practice they work so hard to build and maintain.
  • Succession/Transition Planning for every practice involves a unique process.  The complicated planning methods incorporate timing considerations, goals and objectives an advisor intends to accomplish in succeeding the practice they have spent their entire career building and maintaining. There are countless succession planning models and combinations that have been and are currently being utilized effectively.  At Security Financial Management we have experience with and access to the highest quality of resources and levels of legal expertise to assist Financial Advisors in the construction and establishment of the most appropriate and effective frameworks of a succession/transition plan for their practice.

Affiliation Models
One size doesn’t fit all, so we offer 2 distinct models

  • In-House SFM Advisor Model
  • Independent model:One Advisor or Advisor Team

Transition Process

The decision to change Broker-Dealers and/or firms involves countless items and factors that require diligent consideration.  Whether a career move is for the purpose of gaining an increased level of independence allowing you more control over your business, or a move to another firm offering more robust support and resources enabling you to elevate your practice and enhance the overall client experience: The transition process itself can seem downright frightening.

  • Will the transition go smoothly?
  • How will it affect your clients?

Security Financial Management has a local team of transition specialists, while additional support and expertise is provided by the ProElite transition team at ProEquities, our broker dealer.  Over time, we have developed proven and repeatable processes, designed to get your business back on track quickly and efficiently so as to minimize disruptions to your revenue stream:

  • Throughout the entire transition process and beyond, our teams provide support and training in a variety of forms to suit any situation or challenge: Person to Person; Team to Team; Live; Over the Phone; Online!
  • Our “Living” Transition Guide includes a detailed spreadsheet with checkoff list of tasks.  This interactive system enables effective management of the entire process, keeps the progress moving forward until the last step is accomplished!
  • Robust library of pre-written letters for you to communicate changes and progress to clients.
  • Advance notification of all communications sent to your clients by our broker-dealer.

With your full engagement and the cooperation of your clients, our goal is to have 90% of the assets transferred within 90 days!

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