NEXT Financial Group

About NEXT Financial Group

A Bold History

In 1998, a group of financial advisors decided to found a new broker-dealer unique from other firms in that all advisors would have the opportunity to take part in ownership and equity of the company. The founding group envisioned an independent firm that gave each representative vision, values and voice.

Today, NEXT operates under the same principles on which it was founded. It has grown from $4 million in gross revenue to more than $127 million while providing advisors with significant intellectual and capital resources. The company is owned by its advisors and staff, and no shareholder owns more than 10 percent of the company. The Board of Directors is made up of six OSJs, and all committees within NEXT are run by NEXT advisors.

An eight-time Broker-Dealer of the Year award-winning* firm, NEXT believes that its strength lies in its advisors. In that spirit, NEXT encourages vision and empowers advisors to take control over their own destinies by giving them a voice, equity and revenue in everything they create.

*Based on a poll of registered representatives conducted by Investment Advisor magazine. Broker-dealers rated highest by their representatives are awarded “Broker-Dealer (B-D) of the Year.”

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