Young Professionals: Demonstrating Initiative Above and Beyond | ThinkAdvisor by Laurie Belew


The concept of initiative, of demonstrating capabilities beyond the formal job description, is often discussed among young professionals. They are eager to prove themselves capable of adding value to the business above and beyond their daily job requirements. When I joined my company, I wanted to make myself an irreplaceable part of the team. What better way to ensure job security, right? As the management team now leads the firm forward, we aim to make the company stronger by providing opportunities for young talent to feel empowered in and energized about their unique roles in the firm. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to figure out how to create those opportunities for both young professionals and firm leaders.

I must also articulate the necessity of mastering your primary job role. Hopefully, you have a clearly established job description. Meeting expectations according to those responsibilities is the foundation upon which to build a successful career. That said, the ability to deliver exceptional performance in your job and to go beyond those responsibilities will put you on the path to growth.


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