What to Do When You Don’t Get the Offer | Answers by Candace Moody


Coming in second after a long interview process can be frustrating. You could spend time feeling sorry for yourself or you could take these steps to increase the odds that you’ll get hired next time.Here’s an action plan for when you don’t make the cut.

There’s a big difference between a single, quick interview and a long, intensive interview process. At the end of the long process, you may have met with several managers. You have information about the company from the interview team, and you may even have an idea about how many people you’re competing with and their backgrounds. You’ve invested a lot after several interviews: time, energy and perhaps even a sample of your work or a plan for what your first sixty days will look like. If you don’t get selected, it’s bound to be a letdown. It’s easy to start second guessing yourself.

Don’t let a rejection hurt your confidence. There are many reasons you might not get the offer: an internal candidate may have the inside track, or the job may have been redefined in some way during the process that made you a weaker match. Or, you were a great match, but someone else was even greater. Or, when you discussed salary, they decided they couldn’t afford you. If you got a callback, you were a strong candidate; the rest was probably out of your control. Wasting time on speculation won’t get you any closer to your goal. But there are steps you can take right away to get a shot at another opportunity.


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