What’s New About Succession Planning? Nothing—Except It’s the Right Thing to Do | WealthManagement by Joni Youngwirth

I go to conference after conference and listen to speakers talk about succession planning. I read article after article on succession planning in industry publications. I listen for what’s new in succession planning—nothing, if I’m being honest. In fact, it’s beginning to feel like old news that many advisors simply don’t want to hear.

Every consultant in the industry talks about the following topics:

  • Finding the right fit in a successor
  • Internal versus external succession
  • The due diligence that both the buyer and the seller need to do
  • The variety of approaches to address valuation
  • The range of terms and how each deal needs to be structured for the buyer and seller
  • Financing options for the buyer
  • The seller’s role in providing post-sale support throughout the transition


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