War on Talent

thumbThe foundation of Extreme Success is your adoption of a different workplace persona. This new self-image changes the way you see yourself and, as a consequence, the way you are seen by employers, whether you're on-the-job or in transition. It liberates you to believe in your own capacity for excellence at work. It allows you to pinpoint what you love to do and do best- so you know where and how you can succeed and actually enjoy doing so.

So, how do you secure your career in today's economy? You can't. But you can create a mindset that creates the kind of level job market and workplace you deserve. Today you must not only excel at your job, you must go above and beyond daily. So how do you set yourself apart from other candidates? How do ensure you find a job that you won't regret going to each day? You identify your true talent and intrinsic motivation.

Everyone's talent is not their passion. Therefore, you must pinpoint your talent. Here's a simple exercise to help guide you.

Read and consider your answers for each:

  1. Engagement - What do you recall enjoying as a child? Was it having a lemonade stand? Did you like counting the money or making the signs?
  2. Relevance - What would be on you tombstone? It certainly won't say "I wish I'd stayed at work longer"
  3. Choice - You win the lottery. If money was no obstacle, and not the motivation, what would you enjoy doing?

Once you've identified what your talent is and what motivates you, it's time to focus on your career. There is a war for talent going on in the workplace. To hire individuals with this type of contagious motivation and confidence in their talent benefits the company and its other employees daily. That's how the company justifies their ROI.

But, how do you justify your ROI? You invest your time at work. Yes, you get paid. But are you gaining what you need to continue to enjoy, learn and grow at what you do? When searching for a career, this is exactly what you need to consider. Will the job you take provide you competitive structure? Are you joining a company and losing all chances for individual growth or are you gaining skills to carry you forward no matter where you are employed in the future. Always take the job that offers you the opportunity to build your talent and career security. Because the economy does not offer job security, your mindset does.

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