Want to Continue to Succeed, Owner-Advisors? Give Up These 3 Sacred Cows |By Angie Herbers | ThinkAdvisor

Published: August 13 2014

Angie HerbersI talked with a prospective client the other day, who asked me an unusual—and excellent—question: “Have you ever had any failed client relationships?” My answer was: “Yes, we have had some clients who haven’t worked out. Not many, but it happens.” What’s more, in our experience, virtually all of them “failed” for one of two reasons. The first is mostly my style: I’m not a therapist, and I don’t want to be one. I have very little interest in holding a firm owner’s hand and making them feel better about themselves. Consequently, I tend to tell them directly what I think about where their firm is and what they need to do to take it where they want to go. Some people can’t deal with that. Fair enough. more...

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