The Xtreme Job Market and the Xtreme Workplace

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Today's job market and workplace pose extreme risks for everyone. If you're unemployed, it's harder than ever before to find work, and if you're employed, it's just as hard to hang onto your job or get a better one. The job search and career advancement strategies you used in the past simply do not work in this new and treacherous environment. To succeed, you need to know how employment has changed and what that change demands of you – you need to practice Xtreme Success (XeS).

The Xtreme Job Market and Xtreme Workplace

The world of work today seems to have turned upside down. They are so different, that I refer them as an Xtreme Job Market and Xtreme workplace. You know, what we thought we knew no longer seems to make any sense, and the rules of the game that we had always used to achieve success no longer seem to work.

Basically, you looked for a new job with the skills that you had in your old job. So when you were in transition, all you had to do was update your resume, send it out to a bunch of employers, do a little networking around the edges, and bid-a-bang, bid-a-boom, you would have several job offers, at least one of which was better than the last job you had.

It was a system we all understood. It was a system we all came to rely on. And most importantly, it was a system that worked. And today it doesn't. And unfortunately, this is the kind of result that we achieve: we achieve extreme failure.

Overcoming the Xtreme Workplace

We are now seeing three kinds of serious problems in the Xtreme workplace:

  • Jobs with decent pay are way down.
  • Full time jobs are down.
  • Job security is down.

So to combat these problems, you need to get the new key for success. But what are the keys in the Xtreme job market and the Xtreme workplace? The key to success is understanding that the definition of "qualified" has now changed and that experience is no longer enough. Today employers don't want you to prove that you can do the job; they want you to prove that you can excel on the job.

Xtreme Success

Recruiters are looking for candidates that have state-of-the-art skills and knowledge as well as experience. Employers require candidates today have the capacity to excel, see themselves and brand themselves in the job market as a person who has the capacity to excel. If you can position yourself that way in the job market, you go from being seen as a jobseeker, a supplicant for work, to being seen as an asset--someone that employers will compete over in order to hire.

To find more information, watch our webinar playback, Today's Xtreme Success Workplace and Job Market.

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