The Diverse Campaign


Creating a diverse recruiting campaign will help you connect with the top financial advisor pros, but your campaign must take advantage of many different resources and venues. It's not enough to just say that the campaign must be diverse. You need to think about how to build that diversity and what channels to use, and must contemplate specific volume and time frame considerations.

A job board service or advertising venue provides one example of how you can reach more candidates with the right approach. Usually, there are opportunities to bump up the visibility of the advertisement and take a look at just how much of a push you're going to have to make to be effective. That involves knowing your target audience and understanding what motivates them to trigger a response.

Breaking Down the Target Audience

One thing that a lot of successful recruiters do involves building two different campaigns for two different groups of people. The goal is still to get the top talent in the industry, but the two categories are composed of those who are ready to make changes now and others who may be researching a career change that they will consider in the future.

Good campaigns have different structures set up for the 'impulse shoppers' and the more cautious 'research shoppers.' They may use various techniques, including advertising and social recruiting techniques, and use candidate research to craft campaigns. Campaign messaging is tailored to specific scenarios that affect these talented pros. It also addresses their wants and needs.

Building a Profile

Many recruiters also build profiles of these two finance pro categories, partly to help drive the two-pronged campaign, but also for consistency within an organization. These profiles can be distributed to all levels of staff in every department so that everybody's on the same page regarding what the company offers and how to recruit potential new hires.

Keeping Track

Another very important principle of these campaigns involves conducting regular assessments to gauge effectiveness. The best campaigns are dynamic. Previous strategies and results are constantly reviewed to determine how the campaign can be fine-tuned. Setting targets and using metrics to assess the concrete results helps you renovate the existing campaign to make it more effective. The alternative is just sitting back and allowing a lackluster campaign to attract a more general audience without producing impressive results.

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