The Diary of Female Branch Managers | WealthManagement by Susan Konig


In 1987, Jill Bradley was a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch in Louisville, Ky. when J.C. Bradford and Co. tried to lure her away. In her negotiations with J.C. Bradford, she asked, “‘Why don’t you make me branch manager?’”

Much to her surprise, they agreed, and Bradley became one the very few female branch managers in the business and the second ever at the firm. Twenty-seven years later, she is still a complex and branch manager at Wells Fargo Advisors in Louisville, overseeing 15 advisors. She and a partner also hope to exceed $2 million in production this year.

In 2006, we interviewed Bradley and three other female branch managers, about their experiences. Today, only Bradley remains a branch manager. Heather Hunt-Ruddy, who was a complex director for 10 years at RBC Dain and then Wachovia, later acquired by Wells Fargo Advisors, was promoted to regional president of WFA’s greater St. Louis area in January. The other two female managers declined to be interviewed for this piece.


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