The Deliberate Campaign

When it’s time to build an effective recruiting system, planners have to sit down and think about what’s involved in creating a campaign.

A campaign to reach top-tier financial advisor professionals, or anyone else with specific skills and experience, has to be targeted, consistent, and diverse. A scattershot approach isn’t likely to work. Recruiters have to set the bar high, both for themselves and for the people they’re targeting.

The Race for Top Talent

Companies are competing for a finite resource: top talent. In order to pique the interest of top talent, a campaign can’t just be good, it has to be the best.
One of the unspoken rules of recruiting is that a campaign which reaches the cream of the crop is also going to reach the “average” talent, but the reverse isn’t true. In other words, a poorly built campaign will help you find the lower hanging fruit, but might not attract top people. That’s something to keep in mind when you’re developing a better, more effective recruiting campaign.

Looking for Financial Advisor All-Stars

It’s somewhat reductive to just say that these campaigns want “the top talent.” That’s where lots of recruiters stop, at their peril. If you drill down to find the more isolated sets of eyeballs you need, the effort is more likely to be productive.

So who do recruiters want? They want strivers, those who always look for a good opportunity to advance. They want top talent, but are specifically looking for people who stand out and aren’t afraid to take risks. In demographic terms, recruiters want a subset of “passive job seekers,” such as people who are already employed, but who will respond to a superior offer rather than sticking it out at a lesser firm out of loyalty. To coin a term, recruiters are looking for “restless passives,” or in another sense, free spirits who will respond to the messages that recruiters put out.

Company Branding: Making Your Pitch

One way to make an effective “elevator pitch” to these special candidates is to create something called an “employment brand” that will be used in all literature and be part of all digital messaging. Include a succinct description of the company’s values and what it can offer to employees in your brand message. A mission statement can be effective, but it needs to be written directly to the top talent you’re courting. This is a principal part of doing the work that engages the right people and builds a more consistent, actionable and engaging campaign.

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