Swim with the Sharks

Sharks are being reported all along the coast at alarming rates. As we near the end of summer, it's time to decide- can you swim with the sharks?

The sharks we are referring to are the Financial Advisors of the future. They are sharp, circling your clients are ready to go where they need to grow! The type that focus on more than one method of investing, type of client and approach. The millennials are driving the profession to consider not just changing how we invest, but with who we do business; man or machine. The incorporation of technology into the investment realm is changing this landscape. Consumers now can choose "virtual" Financial Advisors; computers using complex algorithms to provide investment options and predictions. So how does this effect your job search?

Are you ready to join the sharks and embrace the future of Advisor services? Whether you join a small advisory firm or corporation, explore the options they allow for technology. Do they provide an advanced platform, resources and Apps to support you and your clients? Will you be able to utilize any type of automation products to streamline communications and investments? The possibilities are growing and the young consumers Financial Advisors are serving are demanding these changes. However, with this change, how will you stay relevant and not replaced by these technological advances?

There are many things that computers cannot grasp or understand like intellectual capital and an understanding of nuance. Therefore the future of investing still has a need for good, knowledgeable advisors. As you embrace the technology, it is also important to not rely solely on technology and keep the client/advisor relationship active. Computers cannot give a handshake or truly listen to a clients' story- hence you have the "live" advantage in creating your future and planning for others!

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