Recruiting Trends for 2016 and Their Supporting Best Practices, Part 1 of 2

Recruiting Trends for 2016 and Their Supporting Best Practices, Part 1 of 2

By Dr. John Sullivan November 16, 2015 ERE

What could be more important in a fast-moving world than keeping up with developing trends? Unfortunately, many in recruiting are so busy that they forget to set aside time to follow or act on these important emerging trends.

The Many Benefits of Tracking Emerging Trends in Recruiting

Not following trends can be a mistake because being first provides your firm with a competitive advantage and a notoriety that helps you build your employer brand. Unfortunately, once a recruiting practice becomes a trend, the opportunity to be first disappears forever. Not keeping up with trends probably also means that you are using dated practices, and as time goes by, they can only produce weaker results. Knowledge of upcoming recruiting trends will also make you appear “forward-looking” to your manager and colleagues. And finally, knowing about growing trends keeps you from being surprised, and if you’re aware of these trends early enough, you will have time to plan on how to best handle them as they eventually get more prominent.

The Top 12 Recruiting Trends That Will Become Dominant in 2016

In Part one of this article, I will cover the first six trends and their related best practices. The remaining highest impact six recruiting trends will be covered in part two, which will be published on 11/23/15.

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