Own Your Story: Three Ideas to Help You Unleash Your Own Story | The Job Whisperer


My friend Jay Delaney knows a lot about storytelling. I think of Jay as a mentor in some respects, as another thing he does very well is to take a big concept and make it operational; this is something I work hard at doing. Jay is really good at it. He asks great questions, like “How do you see that actually working?” Which can be a very important question, as you might imagine.

Choosing to own and tell your story is a big step forward for you. Many people spend more time trying to fit themselves into the story they think others want to hear than crafting their personal story–the one that explains who they are and how they got here, and why it matters.. But Jay has written this amazing post that illustrates how your story fits into your career, and he is permitting me to share it, for which I am grateful.


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