Notes from BROKERHUNTER University with Peter Weddle

bhu-banner-aug21There was some great information shared with our clients, by Peter Weddle the "Dean" of BROKERHUNTER University, in our monthly webinar session for July.

  The topic was: Session 3: Recruitment Advertising – 7/10/2014 – Writing Job Postings Top FA Talent Will Notice Peter shared some of his carefully thought-out formulas and strategies for engaging TFA's (Top Financial Advisors) in the job posting. Here are a few of the ideas:

Peter's Golden Rule of Recruiting states:  "What you do to recruit the best talent will also recruit mediocre talent - but the converse is not true.

Here is Peter's formula for a sound Job Posting Methodology: Step 1 Create an Engaging Title - TFAs have the attention span of a gnat. Here is one way to create an impelling title: the acronym LSS stands for Location + Skill + Sizzle Examples; Downtown Chicago - Experienced Successful Financial Advisor - Who wants to be even more so! Midtown Manhattan - Skilled Financial Advisor - At a place for Rising Stars! Houston Galleria Area - Certified Financial Planner - Work with Billionaires! Now try one of your own! Stay tuned ... we will discuss more including: Step 2 Develop an electronic sales brochure - TFAs must be convinced to change devils. Step 3 Format the ad for maximum impact online - TFAs don't read ads, they scan them. If would like to view the replay of this webinar, please contact and we will be happy to send you a link to the on-demand recording.    

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