Managing Age, Currency, and Impression When You're a Mature Worker | Quintessential Careers by Jean Baur

Among the common myths I hear over and over in my work as a career counselor is "I can't get a job anywhere because I am too old."
If you're a baby boomer like me, you were raised to believe that the worst thing you could say is those two terrible words: "I can't." So when I hear these phrases from my clients (who have been downsized after very successful careers), I tell them the story of my client -- we'll call him "Bill" -- who groaned.
Bill comes into my office, stunned, unable to believe that after 24 years at a leading pharmaceutical firm, he's been let go. We go through the initial process: I explain the details of his outplacement services, as he tells me about his work and how he was notified that he was no longer needed. We talk a bit about his goals -- what he would like to do -- and then I go over the materials that he'll need to support his search.


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