If Financial Advisors had a Home Run Derby, Would You Win?

Have you ever wanted a taste of what it feels like to win the Home Run Derby? The feel of representing the best, being the best and proving it! Todd Frazier knocked it out of the park, again and again. But it wasn't a walk in the park to get there. So, what is his secret to becoming the best and how can you be the best Financial Advisor? 

The 3 P's: Practice, Promotion and Positivity!

Practice; talent can be natural, but for most, talent needs a certain amount of nurturing and crafting to make it into a career. It is important to practice your skills, try new ones and develop a plan to improve. Like most athletes, Financial Advisors who succeed can fall into a rut. They have a client base and sometimes fail to chase leads, network or explore career options when "good enough is good enough". But, as most athletes know, training and practice are key to building the lifelong career and stats they need to continue their success.

Promotion; athletes spend a lot of money on marketing and promotions for THEMSELVES. That's right, they may do well, but the recognition and press promotions still happen because they shout it from the roof tops. So in preparing for a career change, make your success known! If you receive an award, participate in a local event or offer a seminar- promote it! If you don't have the right PR connections, use social media to broadcast your news. 

Positivity; Todd Frazier believed he could do it. With an unconventional swing that has made his coach's and peers shake their heads, Frazier made it work. "I hate it," he said. "It's one thing that I can't rid of, but I've come to learn over the years to make adjustments to my swing." - Todd Frazier. As a Financial Advisor, your "way" may be unconventional, but by fine tuning your "way" and believing in yourself, you can succeed and win clients and co-workers respect.

Success feels good. To succeed as a Financial Advisor, you too must practice, promote and think positive! If your current position or firm is not letting you "work your way" or if you aren't seeing the success you know you can achieve, take control. Overcome like Todd Frazier and hit the Home Runs your way! Search for a firm that will let you practice (grow, learn & think outside the box), promote (recognize and reward you) and provide a positive environment (where you can continue to believe!). Because, like Baseball Players, there are a lot of Financial Advisors out there, and in the end, it's your stats and success that define your career-be ready to win!

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