How To Keep Tough Interview Questions From Ruffling Your Feathers | Careerealism by Don Goodman

interviewquestions You’ve won the employer over with your cover letter and resume, now the challenge really begins with the interview. How you present yourself, respond to questions, and build rapport will leave the most important impression an employer uses to decide whether or not you are the one for the job. Yes, there will be the usual questions like, “Tell me about your experience at XYZ Company,” but the questions that really ruffle feathers include, “Tell me about a time you faced a challenge and how you addressed it on the job,” “What’s your weakness?” or the employer may present its own scenario to see how you respond. Often, interviewers ask these questions not only to look at your answer, but also to see how you react under pressure. Here’s some tips and guidance around the tough areas of the interview.

Talking about weaknesses

Nobody likes to talk about their weaknesses – it’s awkward. Find ways to turn what’s negative into positive, but remember that employers are not fooled by the canned answers like “I work too hard.” So, when you speak of a weakness, discuss what you’ve done to improve in that area or what you have learned so it’s no longer a perceived weakness. more...

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