How 3 Advisors Handle Social Media Compliance | ThinkAdvisor by Emily Zulz


A testament to the changing social world: Last year when a room full of financial advisors was asked how many of them were using LinkedIn, only three to four hands were raised.

When Jared Trexler, brand manager at Ed Slott and Co. LLC., asked the same question during a session at FSI’s Financial Advisor Summit, nearly every hand in the room was raised.

“It shows the power that social has had in the industry,” Trexler said.

The roundtable panel examined the social media best practices from three financial advisors – Kim Gaxiola of TechGirl Financial; Brian Kuhn, financial planner and manager of PSG Clarity; Andrew Norman, principal and general agent of ING US/VOYA Financial Partners – and moderator Trexler.


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