Greece’s Next Deficit: Skilled Labor | Ere Media by Tara Sinclair


Ever wonder what job seekers do when their country’s economic future becomes the focus of a global guessing game? If Greece’s latest debt crisis is an indicator, they start considering a move.

Culling job search engine Indeed’s data for Greece-based users, we found that in the first half of July 2015 an average of 32 percent of their searches were for jobs outside of Greece, almost twice the share in the same time period in 2014 and over three times the global average as we reported in a study from last year. Furthermore, we found that in eight of the 21 broad occupation categories, over 50 percent of Greek job searches are going outside of the country. That compares to just three occupations in 2014, showing just how powerful a debt crisis can be for a country’s labor market.


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