Four Ways to Improve Your Verbal Communication | Answers by Debra Wheatman


According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ Job Outlook 2012 survey, hiring employers seek candidates with strong verbal communication skills. In fact, this ranked as the second most important skill to surveyed employers. This is not surprising. Is it possible to improve your verbal communication? Or, is excellent communication a gift? It does come more naturally for some people. However, this is a skill that you can continue to improve throughout your lifetime.

Body Language

Practice in front of a mirror to become aware of your movements and expressions. Un-cross your arms, do not touch your face, and stand firmly on two feet. Subtle hand gestures are natural, but excessive hand movements can be distracting. Eye contact is important to build rapport with someone. It also gives the impression that you are confident. A pleasant, genuine smile is best. Frozen-face smiles can be creepy. Lowered eyebrows and frowning expressions can be intimidating or off-putting.


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