Female FAs Tired of Playing Musical Chairs: Ann Hughes | ThinkAdvisor by Jane Wollman Rusoff


Recruiting existing female advisors in the male-dominated field of financial services is simply a game of musical chairs. Ann Hughes, consultant-with-a-mission, says this game must stop.

With a steely resolve, Hughes is taking brokerages to task for their heavy focus on swapping female FAs firm to firm. That’s not bulking up the skinny ranks of female advisors, contends the authority on women and financial services. Instead, she says, the industry must boost the total number of women by bringing new female FA trainees into the fold.

Hughes, 43, is traveling coast to coast speaking at firms including Cetera, LPL Financial and Morgan Stanley to deliver her message: Make financial services a place where women — both advisors and clients — can feel at home.


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