Excelling in the Xtreme Workplace

American employers are no longer competing with cheaper labor; they are competing with smarter labor. And therefore, they need candidates who can demonstrate and position themselves in the job market as people who have the capacity to excel.

What's Going on in The Xtreme Workplace?

What it takes to be perceived as a valuable employee has changed. It used to be that you proved that you were a valuable employee by being loyal and hard-working, right? What employers wanted from you was dedication, and you showed your dedication on the job by the investment of time that you made. Time was the key to success, and now it's not.

What employers want now is workers who not only have the capacity for excellence, but who bring that capacity to work with them and apply it on the job every single day. If you can position yourself that way in the workplace, you're going to go from being perceived as a human resource to being perceived as a valuable asset, someone that employers will do everything they can to retain.

What's Driving Change in the Xtreme Workplace?

The extraordinary growth in new knowledge is driving this change. For example, if you go to college today in a technical field, by the time you get to your junior year, 50% of what you learned in your freshman year will be obsolete. So in order to compete in the global marketplace companies have to have workers who have the capacity for excellence and bring it to work with them every single day. So what makes today's job market and today's workplace extreme is the prevalence of change.

So here's the choice that we all face: We can either be the master of that change or its victim. We have that choice. But the only way to achieve mastery is to do the one thing that we human beings most hate to do--we have to change as well. We have to go from the devil we know to the devil we don't.

Why Keep up with Change in the Xtreme workplace?

So, you're probably asking yourself, "Why go to all that trouble?" The reason is simple. Actually, there are two reasons, and these two reasons form the pillar of Xtreme Success.

  • Your Pocketbook

    Employers are battling over people with the capacity to excel. They call it a war for talent, and they're waging it the only way they know how, with money. Employers are also trying desperately to hang onto people who deliver excellence on the job, to keep them employed. So one upside to recognizing the dynamics of the Xtreme job market and the Xtreme workplace and adapting to it is your paycheck.

  • Personal Achievement

    Joy and happiness are important personal benefits. And the way happiness is achieved is by subjecting ourselves to a challenge that we believe is meaningful and worthwhile and which enables us to stretch ourselves, to express more of our inherent abilities so that we can experience what it's like to be a better version of ourselves.

    Research shows, these gifts predominately occur at work. It is at work that these challenges that are meaningful and worthwhile and where we can be encouraged, enabled, empowered, to stretch to a better version of ourselves. Therefore, by understanding the Xtreme job market and Xtreme workplace, a candidate can now position themselves for Xtreme Success!

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