Don't Forget the Sunscreen, Closed Toe Shoes and Other Financial Advisor Candidate Advice!


Protection is good. The benefit of wearing sunscreen, closed toe shoes, a hard hat, safety glasses etc. is proven. But, what type of protection have you taken to help you as an advisor?

This question may have you baffled. However, as an active candidate (or passive) you must think of just these things. How will I transition carefully? What do I do daily to stay current? When and how will I be able to share what I know? Will I be able to retire when I want to?

These questions may or may not have entered your radar, but they should. Today's candidates are tech savvy and companies are looking for candidates that are forward thinking, and offer more than their competing candidates. So how do you stand out? How do you protect yourself?

You use what you have! That's right, some of the best advisors right now are doing just this. They are actively blogging, using twitter, periscope and even Pinterest to capture the attention of clients, retiring peers and companies. Social media can be a great resource for you to "brag" about what you know. It can also help you "tell your story" and provide "on-line creditability" for when recruiters and managers begin their search for new talent.

The best part of this? It's never too late to start! You do not need an invitation, a fancy website or professional photo to begin. You just need to be armed with the knowledge you have, find or create! So, the best way to protect yourself from landing in a pile of "maybe" candidates and to stand out- is to be you!

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