Do You Have What it Takes?


Recently, an article in TIME discussed the “four qualities a Financial Advisor ought to have”. This article confirms why perhaps the Financial Advisor Industry is not for everyone and why the pool of candidates is shrinking. Many people have financial knowledge and insight. So, when looking to enter the profession as a Financial Advisor, armed with a degree in Finance or similar experience, it is not always the keen graduate or experienced analyst who succeed. It takes more, a lot more.

Financial Advisors must possess skills that are not taught easily in University’s or weekend conferences. They must master more than the markets secrets or the background of companies to which to invest. Do you have what it takes? To refer back to the article I read, Financial Advisors must have four qualities: Expertise, Skill as a Guide, Deep Understanding, and Vulnerability.  

We discussed expertise- but that’s just 25% of what makes up a Top Financial Advisor. Skill as a Guide or in other words, can you carefully navigate the technical jargon and explain your financial plans to clients. Counseling clients on their options in a manner that is readily accepted, provides comfort and sets you up for the next quality: Deep understanding.

Deep understanding allows you to complete a client’s vision or even improve it. This is accomplished through listening. Listening for Financial Advisors can be a challenge (do you hear the phone ping, see the ticker on the screen- or your inner voice saying “oh hello, focus, you’re in a meeting?”). However, dedicating time to willfully and meaningfully listen to clients will solidify the long-term relationships needed for true success in the industry.

Vulnerability? Yes, vulnerability makes good leaders, better. We’re all human and allowing clients to see you in this light makes your job easier. Because as well all know, sometimes the investments made have risk. And while Financial Advisors understand this, not all clients do. And by exposing your own vulnerability or failures, clients can better relate to you as a person (and not as an error free calculated machine).

BROKERHUNTER recognizes the struggle and challenges Financial Advisors face and how these qualities need to be nurtured and crafted in candidates to see the industry grow. If you are looking to enter the field or brush up your skills, we’ve got resources to help you. Visit to view news and articles (like TIME’s article we just read) that provide the best advice for Financial Advisor candidates.

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