Connected! 6 Quick Tips For Better Online Networking | Careerealism by Olivia Morrissey


The search for employment will thrill you, frustrate you, and ultimately lead you to the career you are meant to pursue. That doesn’t mean you can’t ask for a little help from your friends to  point you in the right direction. But what if your honed networking skills have gained you “All-Star” status on LinkedIn, a thick stack of business cards, and a schedule full of coffee dates, but not the job of your dreams?

When your college roommates, favorite professors, fellow interns and former bosses can’t open the door to a full-time position, it’s time to start knocking elsewhere. You know that second-degree LinkedIn connection or upper-level executive whose job you secretly covet? You should e-mail them.

The road to building rapport with, admittedly, total strangers is one few travel because, let’s face it, intimidation and the threat of rejection are all too real. The risks are worth it, though. Take it from someone who has reached out more than 25 such contacts and achieved 100 percent response rate.


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