Changing Careers: the Process of Reinvention | The Job Whisperer


As the Boomers stroll or hurtle into into the last phase of their working lives, we hear the word “reinvention” a lot. But reinventing yourself doesn’t only apply to Boomers getting older and running short of time, and it doesn’t only apply to changing your work. If you have been doing something you weren’t really crazy about, or if there is something you have always wanted to do with your time and talent, or if you have been watching transformational change in your industry, or if you just stumbled over a thing you are really good at and really like, then reinvention is just the ticket.

Well. Not so much, actually, because it isn’t all that simple. Reinvention is a quick and easy word for a Big Big Change. In you. Even people who like change don’t necessarily like being changed. We can all support change when change is a theoretical, rhetorical, or political concept that aligns well with what we believe are our values. Until things you reach for in the dark aren’t where they used to be. Meaning, what you took for granted was not what you planned to alter.


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