Can You Relocate As A Financial Advisor Without Giving Up Your Existing Advisory Firm Clients? | Nerd's Eye View by Michael Kitces


Many readers of this blog contact me directly with questions and comments. While often the responses are very specific to a particular circumstance, occasionally the subject matter is general enough that it might be of interest to others as well. Accordingly, I will occasionally post a new "MailBag" article, presenting the question or comment (on a strictly anonymous basis!) and my response, in the hopes that the discussion may be useful food for thought.

In this week's MailBag, we look at the issues to consider if you want to change where you live, but are concerned about whether the relocation means you'd have to sever all your existing client relationships and "start over" or not. Fortunately, the answer is that while not all clients be willing to stick through you in a transition, today's technology tools make this more feasible than ever before, and the key is to start interacting with your clients more virtually now, so that by the time you actually move it won't be such a big deal anymore!


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