BROKERHUNTER University launches


Atlanta, GA - March 26, 2014

250 firms representing 10,000 branch offices tuned in to BROKERHUNTER’s launch of BROKERHUNTER University, premiere training for Branch Managers and Enterprise – Level Recruiters to attract, hire and retain top Financial Advisors. BROKERHUNTER is partnering with Peter Weddle, a recruiter, HR consultant and CEO turned author and commentator, who states:

“The BROKERHUNTER University curriculum is the first to introduce state-of-the-art sourcing and recruiting tools and techniques in a monthly program designed specifically for the busy managers and staff of brokerage firms. It is comprehensive and straight to the point, providing those who attend with a huge advantage in the competition for the very best financial advisors.”

David Testerman, VP of BROKERHUNTER explains, “There is a tremendous shortage of Financial Advisor talent in the industry as 12,000 Advisors per year are retiring over the next 10 years...This shortage has created intense competition for the remaining talent. It has been our experience over the last 15 years that recruiters and firms that are the most successful are the ones that not only have the tools, but also have the knowledge to fully utilize the most effective sourcing techniques. This industry is changing rapidly and without training, it is simply not possible for a recruiter to stay on top of all of this on their own. This is why we have launched BROKERHUNTER University.

Peter Weddle is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He has attended Oxford University and holds advanced degrees from Millbury College and Harvard University. Weddle states, “I’m delighted to be working with BROKERHUNTER on this groundbreaking program – one that will put the power of online recruiting in the hands of branch and recruitment managers.” Weddle has in international reputation as pioneering concepts in HR leadership and employment and has authored or edited over two dozen books and been a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, The National Business Employment Weekly and Today, Weddle’s annual Guides and Directory to job boards are recognized for their accuracy and helpfulness, leading American Staffing Association to call Weddle the “Zagat of the online employment industry”.

BROKERHUNTER® was founded in 1999 by a team with experience in Information Technology, Securities, and Recruiting, who saw a tremendous need for an internet-based recruiting solution in the rapidly changing Financial Services Industry. is a leading employment website serving the securities, insurance and banking sectors. Within these sectors, they address the career needs of a wide range of Financial Services disciplines and job types.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact David Testerman at 888-955-6795 ext. 203 or email at david(at)brokerhunter(dot)com.

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