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BROKERHUNTER University Are you Recruiting Financial Advisors? If so, we have swung open the doors of BROKERHUNTER University and are inviting all interested in recruiting Financial Advisors to attend Session 1 for FREE! Just Click Here to Register for Session 1 Our BROKERHUNTER University Curriculum has been designed specifically to help you recruit experienced Financial Advisors (FAs).  The content developer and instructor will include recruiting expert Peter Weddle (see below for more information about Peter). [SlideDeck2 id=3165]Click below to reserve your seat at BROKERHUNTER University: Online Classes starting May 8, 2014!  The link below is for those who want to attend who are NOT BranchPac members.  Two seats are included for BranchPac members and reservations will be handled separately for this client group; additional seats can be purchased by members.

Contact for information about becoming a member and saving on BROKERHUNTER University training seats.

Session Topics: All sessions begin at 2pm Eastern

  • Session 1: What Exactly is Top Financial Advisor Talent & Why Are They So Hard to Recruit? - 5/8/2014
    • This session will introduce the unique attributes of top talent – the career advancement goals, expectations and behaviors of top financial advisors that distinguish them from other employment prospects in the workforce – and show how those attributes make conventional recruiting strategies and tactics ineffective.
  • Session 2: Covering All Bases - 6/5/2014 – Building a Multifaceted Recruiting Campaign for Top FA Talent
    • This session will explain the rationale for and present the key elements of an integrated, multi-channel recruiting strategy that will maximize a financial service company’s ability to reach top financial advisors and then effectively communicate with, engage and ultimately convince them to accept its offers of employment.
  • Session 3: Recruitment Advertising - 7/10/2014 – Writing Job Postings Top FA Talent Will Notice
    • Includes one or more templates
    • This session will provide the key principles and best practices for writing and formatting job postings to ensure they both differentiate a financial service company’s value proposition as an employer and persuade even the most passive of top financial advisors to explore and ultimately accept its career advancement opportunities.
  • Session 4: Networking - 8/7/2014 – Turning Top FA Talent Contacts into Applicants Online & Off
    • Includes one or more templates
    • This session will expose the deficiencies of current networking practices – especially on such sites as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook – and provide a framework for connecting with top financial advisors both online and off and developing the familiarity and trust necessary to convince them to consider alternative career advancement opportunities.
  • Session 5: Getting Social - 9/11/2014 – Leveraging Social Media to Be Always There for Top FA Talent
    • This session will explore how a financial services company can expand on the networking capabilities of social media to develop an online professional community that provides top financial advisors with the content, peer interactions and sense of camaraderie that will promote their allegiance and ultimately their interest in its career advancement opportunities.
  • Session 6: Asking for Referrals - 10/2/2014 – Tapping the Top FA Talent Contacts of Employees & Prospects
    • Includes one or more templates
    • This session will present a set of Best Practices for introducing, incenting and managing a robust referral program that will leverage the contacts of both a financial service company’s employees and employment prospects to identify and establish enduring relationships with top financial advisors so they recognize and appreciate the benefits of its career advancement opportunities.
  • Session 7: Branding - 11/6/2014 – Positioning Your Organization as a Dream Employer for Top FA Talent
    • This session will introduce the principles for developing and communicating a financial service company’s employment brand so that it both differentiates the company from its competitors and captures the attention of top financial advisors so they learn the company’s value proposition as an employer and pay attention to its career advancement opportunities.
  • Session 8: Pipelining - 12/4/2014 – Warming Top FA Talent Up to Move When the Time Is Right
    • Includes one or more templates
    • This session will present the steps a financial service company can take to build a database of contacts among top financial advisors and communicate with them at the right frequency and with the right content to sustain their interest in the company so that it is the first option they consider whenever they want to make a change in employment.
  • Session 9: Closing the Deal - 1/8/2015 – Optimizing the Candidate Experience for Top FA Talent
    • This session will go beyond the niceties of courtesy and respect for candidates during their interaction with a financial service company to introduce a strategy that acknowledges the consumer-like behavior of top financial advisors when they are considering a change in employment and tailors an experience that meets their needs and expectations.
  • Session 10: Advanced Online Sourcing - 2/5/2015 – Looking Outside the Box for Top FA Talent
    • This session will introduce an array of Web-based sources and “cybersleuthing” techniques – from datamining to legitimate hacks on social media sites and search engines – to uncover the identities, attributes and interests of top financial advisors so they can be contacted and engaged more effectively than by conventional cold calling or email.
  • Session 11: Advanced Blogging - 3/5/2015 – Creating an Engaged Community of Top FA Talent
    • Includes one or more templates
    • This session will explore the best ways for a financial service company to implement a blogging program that minimizes its impact on the day-to-day work of those employees who are blogging and maximizes its credibility and appeal among top financial advisors, providing a sustainable platform for promoting the company’s culture, values and career advancement opportunities.
  • Session 12: Advanced Channeling - 4/2/2015 – Tweeting, Texting & Other Ways of Reaching Top FA Talent
    • This session will examine an array of online venues and communication techniques which were not designed for recruitment but which, because of their popularity and widespread adoption, can be used by financial service companies to reach and engage top financial advisors where they live and work.

Peter Weddle

Peter Weddle is a recruiter, HR consultant and business CEO turned author and commentator. Described by The Washington Post as "... a man filled with ingenious ideas," he has earned an international reputation, pioneering concepts in Human Resource leadership and employment. He has authored or edited over two dozen books and been a columnist for The Wall Street Journal, The National Business Employment Weekly and Today, he writes two newsletters that are distributed worldwide and oversees WEDDLE's LLC, a print publisher specializing in the field of human resources. WEDDLE's annual Guides and Directory to job boards are recognized for their accuracy and helpfulness, leading the American Staffing Association to call Weddle the “Zagat of the online employment industry.”


Weddle is the former Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Job Bank USA, Inc., one of the largest electronic employment service companies in the United States, which he founded in 1991 and sold in 1996. From 1988 to 1991, he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of University Research Corporation, an international company with offices in 17 countries, which provided consulting expertise in all aspects of human resource management and development. He has also been a Partner in The Hay Group, and from 1985 to 1988, founded and then ran its workforce management and development subsidiary, Hay Systems, Inc.. In addition, he has chaired and/or served on numerous appointed boards for the U.S. Government, including studies by the National Science Foundation, the Defense Science Board and the Army Science Board. In 1988, he was awarded the U.S. Government's Medal for Public Service for his contributions to Federal research.


Weddle has published widely on career and employment topics, including Work Strong: Your Personal Career Fitness SystemRecognizing Richard RabbitGeneralship: HR Leadership in a Time of WarPostcards From Space (a primer), CliffsNotes: Finding a Job on the Web (IDG), CliffsNotes: Writing a Great Resume (IDG), Internet Resumes: Take the Net to Your Next Job (Impact), Career Fitness: How to Find, Win & Keep the Job You Want in the 1990's (Cadell & Davies), Electronic Resumes for the New Job Market (Impact), an anthology of international research and technology transfer projects (Plenum), and numerous research reports, graduate-level university case studies, and articles in such publications as SuccessLeadersDirectors & Boards, the Army, Navy & Air Force TimesHealthcare Employment NewsHuman Capital, and Bottomline.


Weddle has also appeared frequently in the media, including CBS This MorningThe Today ShowCNNfnThe McLaughlin GroupBloomberg Financial NewsNational Empowerment Television and WBIS and been quoted in The New York TimesThe National Business Employment WeeklyThe Washington PostThe Boston GlobeU.S. News & World ReportUSA Today, Money and other publications. In addition, he has spoken to meetings and conventions sponsored by such organizations as AT&T, United Airlines, Business Week Magazine, Success Magazine, the Young Presidents’ Organization, the Society for Human Resource Management, the International Personnel Management Association, and the International Society for Performance Improvement.


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