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Recording Your Success

Historically, job search and career documents - your resume and performance appraisal record - were developed exclusively for the benefit of employers. The XeS record, in contrast, is a document you create for yourself. It is your way of memorialising the "career victories" you have achieved in the job you have or for the job you want. It frees you from having to rely on either your employer to maintain your career progress or your supervisor to notice your contributions on the job. Read More

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March 18 - Charles Schwab Career Event 2 PM EST
Learn firsthand from Schwab executives and employees about the challenges and rewards of being a Schwabbie. Have your questions about training, career development and the recruitment process answered by Schwab's Talent Advisor. Sign up now!


The Two Way Street Interview!

Often when interviewing, candidates will listen to the hiring manager and yet speak very little. Today's interviews are changing! Now, candidates need to not only do their research and prep their paperwork before the interview, they must also prepare their questions!

Interviews today are a two way street! No longer are you listening to a 15 minute spiel of "This is what are company does." You are now expected to know who they are and what they do before entering the room. You are now invited to let interviewers know "This is why I am a good fit for your company!" The typical interview questions have been replaced with "out of the box" questions to test your "fit" and knowledge.

The opportunity to make a good first impression for candidates is crucial to the hiring process. Here a few tips to help give you the best advantage:

1. Follow up. Be sure to reply to all communications in a timely manner and with the utmost professionalism (no matter how casual your recruiter or manager's communications appear).

2. Be prepared. Prepare your resume for electronic scanning, prepare appropriate questions, and dress for the job you want. Research the company; not just the stats, but the culture too!

3. Think ahead. The interview is done. Did you feel comfortable and welcome? Were your questions answered? Was the interview a two way street? If not, continue your search!

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