BROKERHUNTER Employer Connection: Premiere Issue

Welcome to the premier issue of BROKERHUNTER'S Employer Connection!

The Employer Connection newsletter is dedicated to providing you recruiting and sourcing tips and information to help you build your business. It will also include dates of upcoming events, best practices, industry trends, and offers on products and services (including many deep discounts exclusively for our loyal newsletter patrons).

BROKERHUNTER has remained the industry leader in digital recruitment advertising and talent acquisition since 1999. As an extension of our business services for financial services leaders, it is our pleasure to share, build, and communicate our knowledge through BROKERHUNTER'S Employer Connection. We appreciate your interest and look forward to providing you inspiration to reach your recruiting goals in 2015!

Jeff Testerman
Managing Partner - Co-Founder

What Exactly Are Top Financial Advisors & Why Are They So Hard to Recruit?

In order to recruit the very best financial performers, you have to identify your target demographic and understand what motivates them. Sound familiar? The truth is, upping your recruiting game really amounts to applying some of the same consumer-end marketing practices you're already familiar with on the recruitment end of your business. Read More


On December 4 at 2PM EST, join us for a FREE BHU Webinar: Branding - Positioning Your Organization as a Dream Employer for Top Financial Advisors. Register today to reserve your seat and learn how to build your brand in the best way to attract top talent!

On January 28 at 1PM EST, be in the right place to recruit top talent with our Virtual Career Fair. Register now, and let us bring you the qualified candidates you seek!


How do you find the Financial Services Talent that your company needs? Do you find them overnight, and they start next week? (Sorry, the wish machine is out of order!) Of course not!

Smart recruiting starts with a plan. BROKERHUNTER's Membership Programs offer year round, cost-effective, turnkey, recruiting solutions designed to help employers meet their hiring goals - large and small. BROKERHUNTER will boost your recruiting efforts and enhance your bottom line! Read more


Do you use the same recruiting plan to attract top talent as you do junior advisors? Let me ask this another way: You wouldn't train for a 5K the same way you train for a marathon, would you? No. Like any good athlete, you need to change your routine to gain results depending on your goals.

So why are you recruiting for the best Financial Advisors the same way you are recruiting for junior advisors? You've got to escape the recruiting rut and "up your game." If you explicitly and consciously design your recruiting strategy, tactics, and process for just top financial performers, then you'll be able to recruit those kinds of people as well as everybody else!

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