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How to Optimize the Candidate Experience

Whether high-level candidates are active or passive, they approach potential employers with a consumer attitude: They question what’s in it for them (WIIFT). Since they can’t “test drive” your company by working on a trial basis, they will evaluate the quality of the organization by their experience with your recruiting process. In order to target the very best talent, you have to optimize their recruiting experience and demonstrate your company’s value proposition. Read More


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How to get the right Candidate, from the start?

Many times interviewing candidates can be overwhelming. Candidates answers can blend together or they don’t provide you enough information for you to make a good decision. So, how can you help yourself sort through candidates? Here’s 3 easy tips:

  1. Make sure your ad says something about the culture of your company. This will help weed out those who already “feel” that your company may not be for them.
  2. Ask filter questions. Ask for a specific requirement; like addressing the email to “Attention: BOB”. If a candidate cannot pay attention from the start, they may miss details later.
  3. Ask an off the wall interview question. These questions help you gauge their response to new information, and if they can roll with the program. For example ask, “What’s your favorite cereal?” This will help you see if they can make a quick decision or are indecisive. Another interesting question is, “Tell me about a time you gave poor customer service”. This question allows you to see if the candidate can define a pivotal moment of learning or if they are skeptical of letting their guard down.
  4. Yes- We said we’d give only three tips. But the fourth is up to you: Follow your gut!

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