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The Diverse Campaign

Creating a diverse recruiting campaign will help you connect with the top financial advisor pros, but your campaign must take advantage of many different resources and venues. It’s not enough to just say that the campaign must be diverse. You need to think about how to build that diversity and what channels to use, and must contemplate specific volume and time frame considerations.

A job board service or advertising venue provides one example of how you can reach more candidates with the right approach. Usually, there are opportunities to bump up the visibility of the advertisement and take a look at just how much of a push you're going to have to make to be effective. That involves knowing your target audience and understanding what motivates them to trigger a response. Read More

February 25th at 2:00 PM Eastern
BROKERHUNTER will explain the three most common recruiting mistakes you and your competitors are making during our FREE webinar, "2015 Branch Manager's Ultimate Playbook for Recruiting Financial Advisors!" Listen in and learn how BROKERHUNTER's digital recruiting technology and proven strategies will help you own your own market. Register here!

Thursday, March 5th, 2015 – 2:00 PM Eastern
BrokerHunter University Webinar Series Session 11: Advanced Online Sourcing
This session will introduce an array of web-based sources and "cybersleuthing" techniques. From data mining to legitimate hacks on social media sites and search engines to uncover the identities, attributes, and interests of top financial advisors so they can be contacted and engaged more effectively than by conventional cold calling or email. Register here!

BROKERHUNTER is your strategic partner to navigate the highly competitive marketplace for top Financial Advisors. We not only want you to dominate your branch office recruiting marketplace, but we want you to own your own market.

Our exclusive BranchPAC is a membership program that provides you the power of digital marketing and the advantage to "own your market." By limiting the number of memberships per geographical area, we increase your reach and possibilities for growing your company in your market!

Enrollment is now open for the BranchPAC memberships. However, the exclusive BranchPAC package will only be available based on limited geographical basis. To secure your membership now, contact Bernie, Director of Digital Sales, at 1-888-955-6795 x206.

Don't Offer Guests Stale Crackers

When a candidate views your website or Googles information about your company, do they find stale information? Just like stale crackers, they may be edible, but no one likes them! It only takes minutes to keep your company looking fresh and appealing to candidates. How? Let us break it down for you.

Twice a week:
facebook: Update your status or share information
Twitter: Tweet, retweet or favorite
LinkedIn: Like an article or share an article
Webpage: Add news, press releases, or time sensitive material

Website: Update job openings and editable feed

Webpage: Review Content to reflect recent changes: culture, new hires, contact info, graphics

Host or sponsor a community event. The publicity is two-fold: Jobseekers will see you and clients will too!

Leaving these electronic bread crumbs will help candidates identify with your company and allow you to create an active online profile. The best part of this plan is that it is not time consuming, and it benefits more than one sector of your business: clients and potential candidates. The introduction of this small routine will help you entertain "Googling" guests with a fresh image and content. And we can all agree, fresh is better!

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