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Excelling in the Xtreme Workplace

American employers are no longer competing with cheaper labor; they are competing with smarter labor. And therefore, they need candidates who can demonstrate and position themselves in the job market as people who have the capacity to excel.

What it takes to be perceived as a valuable employee has changed. It used to be that you proved that you were a valuable employee by being loyal and hard-working, right? What employers wanted from you was dedication, and you showed your dedication on the job by the investment of time that you made. Time was the key to success, and now it's not. Read More

Upcoming Events

January 28 - Virtual Career Fair 1 PM - 6 PM EST
Start your New Year right - with the right company! Browse employers' virtual online booths anonymously, or you can chat 1-on-1 with them. The VCF is free and allows you to speak directly to recruiters who are hiring, right now! It's not too early to Register today!

March 18 - Charles Schwab Career Event 2 PM EST
Learn firsthand from Schwab executives and employees about the challenges and rewards of being a Schwabbie. Have your questions about training, career development and the recruitment process answered by Schwab's Talent Advisor. Sign up now!


Market Yourself!

The internet is changing the way recruiters find candidates. Recruiters today use your social pages, business web pages, LinkedIn and news articles to create an online image of YOU - before ever contacting you! So, how do you ensure they find "the you" that you want recruiters to see? You market yourself!

Here's four easy steps to preview the "online version of you" that recruiters see and how to market yourself better:

  1. Search your name on the internet. You will want to use more than one search engine to confirm "what's out there".
  2. Did you find you? Check any dates and facts for consistency across all media sites you appear: graduation dates, employment dates, skills sets, positions held, awards. Your social profile needs to be strong and most importantly, uniform.
  3. See another "you"? Often recruiters "guess" when matching your profile to the actual you. Be sure to use current pictures, accurate locations, and other identifiable highlights to help recruiters align you with your own pages. If more than two "Chris Clarks" exist in "Colts Neck, NJ", be sure you know ahead. This knowledge can be a great lead-in for conversation and alleviate any questions recruiters have about who you are or unexplainable gaps in employment. For example, "I'm not the inventor of post it notes, as you may have discovered, but I have been named one of the top 40 advisors under 40."
  4. Didn't find your name? Get busy creating an online profile! This doesn't mean you have to compete for numbers of friends or post while at work. It just means you are under the radar and harder for recruiters to find you! Start by building your professional profile on LinkedIn. If you have privacy concerns, you can use the settings to limit what profile items others see. You can also raise your online profile by participating / volunteering in public groups, alumni events, and promoting any awards you see with press releases. It's time to put your best face forward!

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