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Become a Workplace Asset

The XeS program acknowledges the unspoken reality of modern employment: you're on your own in both the workplace and the job market. While that situation presents extraordinary challenges, it also opens up extraordinary opportunities, but only if you know how to capture them. Therefore, practicing "Career Fitness" and becoming a smart consumer and applicant will significantly increase your chance for success. Read More

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March 18 - Charles Schwab Career Event 2 PM EST
Learn firsthand from Schwab executives and employees about the challenges and rewards of being a Schwabbie. Have your questions about training, career development and the recruitment process answered by Schwab's Talent Advisor. Sign up now!


Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Whether you are working or searching for employment, remaining flexible is important. While unemployed, candidates often dwell on what makes them feel "unqualified" or "not a good fit" instead of on "How can I become fit"? Yet, while you were working did you fall into a rut of work routines, duties and delegation? In order to embrace the change taking place in the workplace, you must step out of your comfort zone to advance.

Opportunities to make yourself more qualified and appear more flexible are all around. In the workplace, it could be as simple as volunteering to head up a mentoring or volunteer program. The simple effort to volunteer for new projects can lead employers to expand their perspective and see you as "flexible" ad not just stuck in your current job duties/role.

If searching for a job, volunteer to perform task that are new or that can expand your skill set. Reach out to your contacts and community to find areas to lend your talents. You can also visit: to find organizations in your area. The contacts and people you encounter can be a springboard for new adventures in your career.

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