BROKERHUNTER Announces Future Virtual Career Fair Dates

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 02, 2014

BROKERHUNTER is pleased to announce new dates for the upcoming Virtual Career Fairs for Financial Services. The upcoming dates for the VCF's are October 22, 2014, January 28, 2015 and April 22, 2015. These unique virtual events bring together hiring managers and recruiters from some of the leading financial services organizations with qualified candidates looking for new career opportunities.

How the Virtual Career Fair Works
Each employer will have their own company page that attendees can visit to learn about their career opportunities and corporate culture. Attendees will “Get in Line” to chat with representatives from the employers they are interested in talking to through text-based chat. Attendees are able to upload their resumes and profile information prior to the live event by registering in advance.

Statistics from the July 23rd BROKERHUNTER Virtual Career Fair

  • 2,028 fully registered for the event
  • Over 1,335 conversations facilitated between participants
  • 63% of attendees are 5+ years’ experience with over 50% holding multiple FINRA licenses

One candidate from the July 23rd event said, "I thought it was extremely well set up, as opposed to other similar events I've participated in in the past. No tie-in's or dial-ups; although I had to wait my turn, it was very clear where I was in the queue, as opposed to sitting beside the computer for hours waiting; when it was my turn, it was one-on-one with the recruiter, as opposed to everybody being on at the same time and listening to everything that was said; just a very unique and user-friendly set-up."

"I think this is a great tool and in time will be the norm instead of the exception!" Jeff Testerman, Managing Partner of BROKERHUNTER explains, “There is a tremendous shortage of Financial Advisor talent in the industry as 12,000 Advisors per year are retiring over the next 10 years. This shortage has created intense competition for the remaining talent. It has been our experience over the last 15 years that recruiters and firms that are the most successful are the ones that not only have the tools, but also have the knowledge to fully utilize the most effective sourcing techniques.

Testerman added, "These unique virtual events provide employers a cost-effective tool for employers to reach out to a vast national audience. The feedback has been exceptional with over 95% of candidates from the July event stating that they would attend another BROKERHUNTER virtual career fair."

BROKERHUNTER® was founded in 1999 by a team with experience in Information Technology, Securities, and Recruiting, who saw a tremendous need for an internet-based recruiting solution in the rapidly changing Financial Services Industry. is a leading employment website serving the securities, insurance and banking sectors. Within these sectors, they address the career needs of a wide range of Financial Services disciplines and job types.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Jeff Testerman at 888-955-6795 ext. 202 or email at jeff(at)brokerhunter(dot)com

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