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Knowing Your Audience and Avoiding Three Big Deal Breakers

Job postings are one of the most effective tools recruiters have to reach out to top talent, but how this is done depends on a set of philosophies and techniques that can help bring in top-tier candidates.

One big step forward is to think about the talented individuals who are out there, and who will be receptive, as career activists – most of them are already employed, or not wanting to make a transition at the moment, in other words, they’re not actively looking, but the thing about career activists is that they are always striving, always looking for opportunity, and as such, they are more likely to respond to an attractive offer. Read More

April 30, 2015- Virtual Meet-Up 2PM Eastern
BROKERHUNTER's virtual meet-up will examine today's shrinking Financial Advisor market landscape (and why it's happening all across the country). Attendees will see how successful local branch managers don't just resign themselves to simply "survive" this crisis, but are determined to learn how to own their market. Register today.

October 21, 2015- Virtual Career Fair 1-6PM Eastern
Receive 50% off regular sponsorship of BROKERHUNTER'S Virtual Career Fair if registration received before 4/30/15. The event is scheduled for October 21st and is the most cost effective way to interview hundreds of qualified candidates without packing a suitcase! To take advantage of this special, register here.

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3 Reasons for VCF Super Early Bird Sponsorship

Our next Virtual Career Fair (VCF) isn't until October 21st, but we have several good reasons why you should secure your Super Early Bird VCF Sponsorship TODAY!

1. It's Visible:

  • To hundreds of qualified candidates to fill your pipeline!
  • The earlier you register, the longer marketing window to promote your company!

2. It's Limited:

  • There's a limited number of Platinum and Standard spots available for this event- so when they're gone, they're gone!

3. It's Half-Price (but only until April 30th):

  • The Super Early Bird promotion ends April 30th and this deep of a discount will not be offered again!

Register Now or call Jeff Testerman at 888-955-6795 ext. 202 if you have any questions about how this event can benefit your company. But remember, the Half-Off Super Early Bird Promotion ends April 30th!


Time Saving Shortcuts

Don't you love shortcuts? If only everyone knew about where to find them or how to do them? Then everyone could be saving time and money! That's why we wanted to share a few "BH shortcuts" to help you manage your time.

1) Candidates by email. It's easy and fast- let us do all the work!

Have candidates matching your ideal search options sent directly to your inbox! This option can be found by clicking resume search. Then click on "candidates by email" in the gray bar to set up this function. Members may set up to 5 searches.

2) Having trouble with your resume search? Try the following:

Click "new search" to clear previous search.

Remove "United States" from your search.

Focus on "Current Location" rather than "Preferred Location" to drill down on local candidates.

3) Where can I find personal email addresses for registered FA's in my area?

Using Datapac, enter your zip code and narrow your search criteria. Next, download the spreadsheet into excel. Now you can access the passive candidates you've been looking for.

Here are a few time saving links as well:

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